V. Narayan

V Narayan

Former Head of Royal Dutch Shell Group’s Centre of Excellence in Maintenance and Reliability Engineering, UK.

Author of “Effective Maintenance Management – Risk and Reliability Strategies for Optimizing Performance”, Industrial Press Inc., NY.

Lead Author, 100 Years of Maintenance: Practical Lessons from Three Lifetimes, Industrial Press., NY.

V. Narayan

Narayan retired from The Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies in 2002, after a distinguished career in maintenance and project engineering.


As the Head of Maintenance Strategy Group, Shell UK Exploration and Production, he was involved in the following assignments:

  • Created a new process and authored a standard to build in Reliability into new Projects. This process, called ‘Operations in Projects’ is now extensively used in all major Shell Projects.  This clear Business Process enables Shell to maximise Life Cycle Net Present Value by designing lean Plants with high Reliability.
  • Created a comprehensive Reliability Database, using failure records from 15 Offshore Platforms over a 17 year period and applying Weibull analysis. It includes a Relief Valve Database analysing some 14000 test bench records, as well as one for Gas, Heat and Smoke Detectors.
  • Managed the Internal Consultancy Services and later extended it to other Shell Companies as Head of Shell’s Centre of Excellence for the E&P sector. Provided Training and Consultancy Services to Shell Companies in Brunei, Philippines, Argentina, Australia, Gabon, Nigeria and Oman.
  • Was the Custodian of Shell Standards relating to Maintenance Strategy.
  • Was a regular lecturer in RCM at the Shell Training Centre in Holland, conducting 14 sessions over an 8 year period
  • Carried out a Maintenance Review of Shell Gabon’s Oil Production Facilities


As Maintenance and Reliability Adviser, Shell International, The Hague, he was involved in the following:

  • Created Shell’s process and Performance Indicators, for Bench-Marking Maintenance Performance of Refineries and Gas Plants. This methodology is still in use today.
  • Carried out a Maintenance Audit of Woodside Petroleum’s LNG Plant in Western Australia.
  • Coordinated the Shell Group Refineries participating in the external Bench-Marking studies conducted by Solomon Associates Inc.
  • Facilitated a major Root Cause Analysis at a Shell Chemical Plant in The Netherlands.
  • Carried out a review of a major Shutdown execution at Pernis, the largest Shell Refinery, identifying significant improvement opportunities. Many of these are now embedded in their planning process.
  • Carried out an audit of the Planning of the largest Shutdown at Shell’s Stanlow Refinery.
  • Was a founder member of the Shell MERIT team, which made major improvements to Refineries’ maintenance performance. Shell now sells this process to third parties.
  • Identified best practices and opportunities for business improvement in fields of reliability, maintenance, inspection and projects in Shell Refineries, and Gas Plants.
  • Created and edited Shell’s Reliability Newsletter promoting best maintenance and operating practices and techniques worldwide


  1. He has published many articles and presented papers at International Conferences. He has worked in the upstream and downstream Oil and Gas Industry sectors, Engineering, Automobile and Pharmaceutical Industries. He has worked in several countries and cultures, including Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.He is currently on the faculty of Shell Open University and Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, in their MSc programme in Asset Integrity Programme

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