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Asier Ukar

Senior Technical Manager Business Unit Photovoltaic Systems

PI-Photovoltaik Institut Berlin AG

Asier Ukar is Senior Technical Manager of the Business Unit PV Systems at the PI-Photovoltaik Institut Berlin AG based in Berlin, Germany. He has 10 years of experience in deployment of roof top and multi-MW grid-connected PV systems with physical presence in Germany, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, the UK, Czech Republic, Chile, Brazil, Israel, Irland, Turkey, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Morocco and India, being active in the Asian market since 2010. Asier Ukar has years of experience in the creation of feasibility studies, design of roof top and multi-MW PV plants, installation supervision, commissioning, energy yield assessment, tender process

support, contract assessment and comprehensive quality assurance of grid-connected PV plants. The installed capacity of the power plants for which he has acted as a consultant range from 105 kWp to 350MWp. He is in charge of supervising the technical activities of the Business Unit PV Systems, developing tailor-made design and inspection packages, site-specific inspection concepts acting as on-site specialized supervisor with presence at the key phases of the projects. The Business Unit PV Systems has been actively involved in the design, supervision, operation and refinancing of approximately 3.5 GWp of installed capacity since 2007 in

Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Asier Ukar acts as consultant for several banks, lenders, governmental authorities, system integrators and module manufacturers since 2008,and is responsible for the capacity building programs at PI Berlin AG since 2014. Asier Ukar regularly collaborates in scientific publications and is invited as a speaker at international conferences around the world.


Asier Ukar acts internationally as an independent expert in lawsuits and court hearings and he is listed as an international expert in various organizations, including “Asian Development Bank” (ADB), the German “Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt” (PTB), “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit“ (GIZ) and the organ Deutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik “(DKE), which belongs to the German Institute Standards (DIN) and „Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik“ (VDE).

Asier Ukar holds a diploma in mechanical engineering from the University Karlsruhe, Germany (TU Karlsruhe) and speaks five languages.

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