Michael Williams

Michael is a consultant and a board member of the Western Australia Gas Panel of Experts

Michael Williams

Michael Williams is an energy professional with worldwide experience particularly in gas and LNG, most recently in China and Taiwan. As Managing Director (Gas & Power) for Shell in China, was acknowledged as a major influence in the change of China’s energy policy to import LNG and to utilize gas. He has expertise in all phases of the gas and LNG business, and is acknowledged by industry experts, Governments and Government Expert Committees. Now a consultant and Board Member. Has consulted worldwide on all aspects of gas and LNG. Member of the Western Australia Gas Panel of Experts.


His influence on the development of energy policy in China and in Taiwan was recognised by the Energy Working Group of APEC and by the associated policy development body, APERC (Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre, based in Tokyo). For the past 4 years, has been invited to recommend energy policies to APERC and to critique energy policies developed by APERC. He has extensive experience of working with Joint Venture partners, including as a senior member of the management of the actual JV team. As Technical and Planning Manager in the Venezuelan LNG Project was responsible for all technical and planning aspects. As LNG Manager in the Sakhalin LNG Project, led all LNG planning for the project. Led the consortium of Shell, Marubeni and Osaka Gas to bid for the Guangdong LNG Project. He was the inaugural manager of the Onshore Treatment Plant of the North West Shelf LNG Project in Karratha. Set up the organisation and managed the start‐up and operation of the plant. He  has  always  maintained  a  keen  interest  and  capability  in  the technology of the gas and LNG business, and is respected by consultants and industry commentators for insight into the technology and its business applications

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