Introduction to Power System

Date: 28 September – 02 October 2015 Location: Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore Client: Various Companies from Power & Utilities Testimonials: “Great overview of the past, present and future of Power System” – Senior Engineer, Grid Management Committee “This is a comprehensive overview of the power industry structure which is highly recommended for fresh minds & also to non-technical people wanting to learn the background & development of electricity” – Senior Engineer, Grid Management Committee “This is absolutely substantial and the lecturer is really an expert.” – Principal Engineer, Grid Management Committee “The training as a whole is very relevant and useful in understanding power system for a non-technical person like me.” – Director (Legal Services), Department of Energy Philippines “A very good background knowledge for specialist bankers, engineers and government personals involved in privatization process of electricity markets in developing countries.” – Group Head Corporate Bank, Keystone Bank Ltd “Mr. Vukan Polimac has made power systems complexity more easy and understandable for me. Thanks to him” –Technical Executive, Energy Market Authority “Mr Polimac is an excellent trainer with the depth and breadth of experience needed to cover the scope of the course. This experience form the last 2 decades is important to give as an idea of the evolution of power systems. Just as importantly, he is an engaging trainer that he develops examples in the spot on the whiteboard.” – Senior Executive, National Climate Change Secretarial “Thank you very much” – Senior Manager, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) “Knowledgeable and concise.” – Senior Principal Legal Counsel, Energy Market Authority