Dr. David Challis

Dr.David Challis has worked as a strategic energy and engineering specialist in major organisations for in excess of 35 years.

He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Power Electrical Engineering (UNSW) and a PhD in Management (University of Melbourne – 1996). David co-authored an international text (“Patterns of Excellence”) with Professor Danny Samson of Melbourne University that describes managerial excellence (MANEX) and operational excellence (OPEX) in leading international organisations (refer www.pearson.ch/Business/FTPrenticeHall/EAN/97802736

38766/Patterns-of-Excellence for further information).


David was employed by Shell Australia for 15 years in abroad range of international roles that included Strategic Change Manager, Business Development Manager and

Engineering Manager before working with the Australian Energy Sector Regulator in co-developing major reforms for the power generation, distribution and transmission industries. He has subsequently completed over 200 Power Industry consulting assignments with major organisations including:


  • Canadian Generation Authority – strategic business development advisor in relation to power generation
  • investments and major projects implementation
  • Spectra Energy Canada : Development of strategic contractor management frameworks to maximise ROI
  • and manage risk
  • SERF :Development of Power Utility and Energy sector Asset Management Roundtable
  • The Electrical Operating Authority Of Australia – development of Safety Management Schemes
  • Solaris Power – development of Asset Management Plan for 200MW expansion facility
  • Texas Energy : Realignment of Asset Management Plans (RCM, TQM, RBI) to meet global business demands
  • Petronas (Malaysia) – Design Reviews/eHAZOP studies for 400MW Gas Turbine Generating Plant
  • Gasco Abu Dhabi : Development of Electrical Engineering Masterplan and Asset Management Plans


David has completed assignments for the energy sector at all points along the value chain. Assignments include

independent review of major projects and development proposals, establishment of strategic contractor management

frameworks and acting as an independent agent for owners, operators, regulators and governments to assist them in

business development, service provider management and all aspects of operational excellence (OPEX).


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