About The Course

This 5-day training course has been derived from the Plant Performance Improvement Road Map developed by practitioners that guarantee the reliability of your operations. The course focuses on how to improve profitability of any business by identifying the right maintenance strategy for any equipment.


The aim of this course is to help practitioners run programmes that will deliver real benefits as fast as possible with minimum zero wasted effort. The course will also cover the core principles of Reliability Centred Maintenance, Total Productive Maintenance and Six Sigma and the increasingly important role of operations in achieving optimized asset performance.


This is a certified course with the option of sitting for a short exam on the final day of the course to give participants the opportunity to gain a Certificate from powerEDGE and the Carcharodon Maintenance Academy.


Preventive and Predictive maintenance are not new concepts. Both have been used across industry all over the world and when done properly, can yield impressive results (cost reductions of 20% or greater, and a leap forward in equipment reliability and performance are very achievable). However, for every company using these concepts effectively, there are many others who are not.


Preventive and predictive maintenance are not a guarantee of success for all equipment in all environments – they have to be applied in the right way at the right time. All too often, companies apply simplistic approaches on the assumption that they can achieve rapid results with a common solution, but unfortunately, there are no short cuts.


You will have to understand the range of maintenance options, match these to individual items of equipment and understand failure modes and the consequence of failure:

  • Sometimes, a preventive maintenance schedule will be effective
  • Sometimes, a predictive maintenance choice will be the best option
  • Sometimes, it is ok to simply let equipment run to fail
  • Sometimes, you will need to design out a failure mode or invest in an equipment upgrade


This course provides a roadmap to help match the right type of maintenance to any equipment to provide the right blend of preventive and predictive maintenance to the right equipment. This roadmap has been developed over a number of years to help maintenance professionals improve plant performance efficiently and effectively to deliver bottom line benefits as quickly and sustainably as possible. This is an extremely practical course based on real life experience with the aim to provide participants with tools and an improvement plan to take back to work. Apart from equipping participants with an understanding of Preventive and Predictive maintenance, it will help you to:

  • Understand how and when to apply them
  • Appreciate the history of why they were invented
  • Be aware of where people go wrong
  • Explain the different types of failures
  • Use Root Cause Failure Analysis to understand past problems and Failure Mode Effect Analysis to predict future risks

Course Fees

Early Bird

SGD 3,899 / RM 11,697


Normal fees

SGD 4,099 / RM 12,297

Learning Outcomes

Master the critical skills by acquiring the following:

  • An understanding of how maintenance can add profit
  • The ability to develop improvement programmes that deliver maximum benefit in the shortest time
  • A fundamental understanding of the principles of Preventive, Predictive and other maintenance types
  • A practical understanding of the latest methods of solving problems at root cause level
  • An appreciation of maintenance methodologies such as Reliability Centred Maintenance
  • Strategies for ensuring your company gets value for money from your Contractors
  • How to use Maintenance Model of Excellence and Plant Performance Improvement Road Map

Who Should Attend

This course is for managers, supervisors and planners responsible for maintenance planning, scheduling and control activities.


This course will help all members of the operations and maintenance team and their supply chain understanding their role in ensuring that maintenance is benefiting and not inhibiting their business.


The critical objectives of the maintenance planning and scheduling section are to ensure assets availability and reliability at the lowest cost. The planning and scheduling activities in the maintenance department are the reference points for all work orders. Planned wrongly and the whole maintenance management processes will be negatively affected. Work orders created by maintenance planners and properly executed will improve the effectiveness of the maintenance department.


The role of the maintenance planner is to develop the right work orders taking into consideration all the logistical requirements and constraints. Along with excellent planning and scheduling skills, this job requires interacting with many departments. The maintenance theories and principles as well as best practices that will be discussed during this course will equip the maintenance planner to achieve the critical objectives of the maintenance department.

Expert Course Faculty

Our key expert is an award-winning consultant and trainer with 30 years’ experience in maintenance and reliability improvement. He has worked across 5 continents, in a wide variety of environments from the world’s largest oil refinery to a small drinks production line. Our key expert has 10 years of maintenance management experience in the process industry, so he brings a very practical approach to training. He moved into consulting with ABB Eutech as their global maintenance specialist where he led maintenance and reliability best practice panels, delivered a wide range of maintenance improvement projects, and trained other consultants.


Our key expert founded his consultancy and training business in 2002 to focus on maintenance and reliability improvement. As part of this, he developed a range of maintenance “models of excellence” with inputs from authors, international lecturers and some of the world’s leading consultants and operators. His work has been recognized as being at the leading edge of industry best practice, winning independent awards such as the UK Chemical Industries Association “Excellence in Engineering” award.


Our key expert remains close to the industry as a respected specialist helping operating companies to achieve changes in performance. This ongoing field work enables him to continue to refine and extend best practice and the learning from this is continually fed into his training.


Previous participants organizations includes the following companies:

  • Cuu Long Joint Operating Company
  • Hess (Thailand) Limited
  • Petronas Carigali
  • S-Oil Corporation
  • Petronas Gas
  • Asean Bintulu Fertilizer
  • Carigali Hess Operation Co.
  • MTBE Malaysia
  • HMC Polymers
  • Shell Refining Company
  • Esso Malaysia
  • Optimal Chemicals
  • Penta-Ocean Construction


“The group exercises were challenging and gave me practice using key skills. They were fun too!” – Reliability Engineer

“The real-life case studies showed how people had used best practice and the trainer has a wealth of experience to share” – Mechanical Engineer

“I can see now how maintenance and operations can come together as one team. We all need to learn from this course” – Engineering Manager

This training course will be conducted as a Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT). Delegates will receive a confirmation email after successful registration.

Unique Features with powerEDGE Training

  • Pre-Course Questionnaire (PCQ) to help us focus on your learning objectives
  • Detailed course & reference manual for continuous learning and sharing
  • Practical exercises & case examples to better understand the principles
  • Limited class size to ensure one-to-one interactivity
  • Assessment at the end of the course to help you develop a personal action plan