About The Course

Based on his extensive 25 years of expertise and through in depth inside knowledge about the practices within the world’s leading energy firms and project developers, in this highly interactive workshop, our key expert will share with you the latest on the best practices from within the offshore wind industry.


Learn how the leading energy companies in the world are managing the risks of the business case, construction and operation of new to build offshore wind parks. Learn how to provide the best security and solutions associated with the electricity and green certificate prices, the construction and operational risks of the project.


During the workshop, our key expert will use many practical and real life case studies to explain the different issues and bring theory to life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Benefit from the European experience
  • Learn how to best manage the risks in an Offshore wind Project
  • Learn about the key risks within an Offshore Wind Project
  • Learn valuable lessons from the world’s leading companies
  • Learn how to approach the project management
  • Learn how to have a profitable project in any market environment
  • The Finance Best Practices and novelties

Who Should Attend

  • C-level managers
  • Board members
  • Developers
  • Project managers
  • Regulators
  • Ministries
  • Consultants
  • Construction companies
  • Turbine manufacturers
  • Vessel owners
  • Ports
  • Energy companies
  • Academics
  • NGOs
  • Associations

Expert Course Faculty

Our key expert is a skilled and accomplished professional with over 25 years of extensive senior management/board level experience in in the energy markets worldwide. Next to advising (energy) companies, banks, consultants and regulators regarding PPAs, our key expert has also conducted several highly successful training courses about Power Purchase Agreements, power project finance, IPPs and project risk management to over 1,000 high level participants from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


Our key expert was a member of the expert commission of the Dutch Government for two offshore windparks Hollandse Kust (zuid) Wind Farm Zone Sites 3 and 4 that advised on which of the 5 applicants did provide the best security and solutions associated with the electricity and green certificate prices, the construction and operational risks of the project.


Project Risk Management

Business Care Risk

Risks Construction Phase

Risks Operations Phase

Risk Mitigation

Changes in Financial Yield

Construction Offshore Wind Farm

This training course has a limited attendance for up to 20 participants only. Sessions commence at 9am on all days, with short intervals at 10.30am and 3.30pm respectively. 
Refreshments will be provided in the short intervals. Lunch will be provided at 12:30pm for 1 hour. Sessions will end at 5pm on all days.

Unique Features with powerEDGE Training

• Pre-Course Questionnaire to help us focus on your learning objectives
• Detailed Course & Reference Manual for Continuous Learning and Sharing
• Practical Exercises & Case Examples to better understand the principles
• Limited class size to ensure One-to-One Interactivity
• Assessment at the end of the course to help you develop a Personal Action Plan