A comprehensive course on the design, installation and maintenance of solar thermal systems.


About The Course

This 3 day course on Solar Water Heating Systems provides a comprehensive presentation on solar water heating for residential and commercial applications. Attendees will gain a thorough understanding on the full workings of all of the individual solar thermal components and how they function together to collect solar energy for water and space heating applications.


Topics such as installation best practices, design and engineering, system durability and reliability, commissioning, operations and maintenance will all be addressed. This course not only provides technical details, but will also emphasize the financial and environmental benefits of solar thermal systems.

Learning Outcomes

This course will provide the valuable technical and economic knowledge for anyone interested in the deployment of solar heating projects and installations.


  • Identify the function, efficiency and durability of all solar water heating components
  • Select an optimal solar heating system based on site or facility heating loads
  • Differentiate solar water heating system site suitability
  • Calculate the annual thermal production and cost savings of a solar water heating system
  • Calculate the LCOE, Payback and Develop a cash flow analysis for a solar thermal project
  • Evaluate modern intermediate and long term solar thermal storage strategies
  • Evaluate district heating systems for solar thermal plants
  • Understand failure states and rates for solar thermal systems and components
  • Evaluate a solar water heating system operation and maintenance strategy
  • Select best practices for solar thermal system installations
  • Identify proper commissioning procedures

Who Should Attend

There are no prerequisites to attend this course.


  • Government Policy Makers
  • Business Leaders
  • Developers
  • Facility Operators
  • Administrators for Stakeholders in the Energy and other Industrial Fields
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Installers and Integrators
  • Designers

Expert Course Faculties

Our first key expert has over 40 years of experience installing, manufacturing, and designing solar heating systems and is one of the pioneers of the solar water heating industry. He is the CEO of Artha Sustainable Living Center and the lead consultant and instructor. He was previously the Solar Thermal Technical Lead and Subject Matter Expert for the Focus on Energy Program in Wisconsin where he provided technical assistance and market oversight for all solar water heating systems.


Our key expert is one of the founding members of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association where he held a position on the Board of Directors for 18 years. He was also the manager for the Wisconsin Branch of Real Goods and the owner of the Snow Belt Energy Center. He is an Emeritus IREC Solar Thermal Master Trainer and an Emeritus NABCEP Solar Thermal Installer.


He has received numerous awards for his contributions to the solar industry including the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Lifetime Achievement Award, the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point College of Natural Resources Outstanding Alumnus Award, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association Avenue of Advocates Award and the US Department of Energy Million Solar Roofs Certificate of Recognition.


Our second expert faculty is the Renewable Energy Technician Instructor at Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin and the Solar Water Heating Instructor for the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. He has over 15 years of solar heating experience as an installer, site assessor, designer, project manager and instructor. He has been a NABCEP Certified Solar Heating installer since 2008 and a certified Solar Water Heating Site Assessor since 2005.


Our expert faculty was previously an IREC Certified Solar Thermal Master Trainer, an IGSHPA Accredited Geothermal Installer and the Vice President of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. In 2016, he was recognized as the KEEP Energy Educator of the Year. He holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Policy – Renewable Energy from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.


Both of our expert course faculties co-authored the book Solar Water Heating: A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Water and Space Heating Systems.


Solar Water Heating System Types

Solar Heating Systems Components

Solar Siting and Placement

Solar Water Heating Conceptual Design Selection

Intermediate and Long Term Solar Thermal Storage Techniques

Energy Production Estimation of Solar Thermal Systems Using Computer Modeling

Solar Thermal Case Studies

This training course has a limited attendance for up to 20 participants only. Sessions commence at 9am on all days, with short intervals at 10.30am and 3.30pm respectively. 
Refreshments will be provided in the short intervals. Lunch will be provided at 12:30pm for 1 hour. Sessions will end at 5pm on all days.

Unique Features with powerEDGE Training

• Pre-Course Questionnaire to help us focus on your learning objectives
• Detailed Course & Reference Manual for Continuous Learning and Sharing
• Practical Exercises & Case Examples to better understand the principles
• Limited class size to ensure One-to-One Interactivity
• Assessment at the end of the course to help you develop a Personal Action Plan