About The Course

The energy sector is now moving towards using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones in a variety of key operational tasks. From 3D aerial mapping to maintenance and safety inspections of critical assets, the use of drones allows for exhaustive, round-the-clock data collection and surveillance, all delivered in real-time. This will assist technical personnel involved to be better informed and prepared in carrying out their functions. The use of drones can significantly improve operations due to time efficiencies achieved and the lowered risks involved in carrying out the tasks involved.


This 3-days classroom and practical instructional program is targeted at individuals or teams who are planning to be drone pilots, and who have a need to ‘hit the ground running’. Trainees will gain a working knowledge of UAV system classification, roles and command and control options. UAV design considerations, payloads and limitations are studied, culminating in challenging UAV design, mission planning and flight operations according to aviation standards and also practical exercises.


This is an intermediate level course with in-depth consideration of operational and maintenance difficulties as well as permit requirements & procedures to complete the assessment and certification. Upon successful completion of your Remote Pilot’s Course you will be CAAM (Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia) approved and can operate as a Drone Operator.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the following:

  • UAV Terms & Definitions
  • Spectrum Management, Datalinks & Apps
  • UAV Basic Principles
  • UAV System Design & Practical Exercise
  • Human Factors & CRM
  • UAV Types & Roles
  • UAV Concepts of Operations (CONOPS)
  • UAV Components & Systems
  • Mission Planning & Mapping
  • Payload & Sensor Options
  • UAV Licensing & Regulations, including
  • Airspace Classes
  • UAV Maintenance & Logistics
  • UAV Case Studies & Lessons Learned
  • Auto Piloting & Safety

Who Should Attend

This course is targeted for engineers or technical professionals in the energy industry who are responsible or involved in the following activities or projects: Powerline Inspection, Asset Integrity Inspection and Aerial Surveying


Prerequisites: Basic Knowledge of UAV or Drones.

Course Faculty

The instructors have over 5 years commercial experience in drone flying and over 20,000 billed hours as commercial drone service providers, accredited by CAAM (Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia).


UAV Terms & Definitions

UAV Basic Principles

UAV System Design & Practical Exercise

Human Factors & CRM

UAV Types & Roles

UAV Concepts of Operations (CONOPS)

UAV Components & Systems

Mission Planning & Mapping

This training course has a limited attendance for up to 20 participants only. Sessions commence at 9am on all days, with short intervals at 10.30am and 3.30pm respectively. Refreshments will be provided in the short intervals. Lunch will be provided at 12:30pm for 1 hour. Sessions will end at 5pm on all days.

Unique Features with powerEDGE Training

• Pre-Course Questionnaire to help us focus on your learning objectives
• Detailed Course & Reference Manual for Continuous Learning and Sharing
• Practical Exercises & Case Examples to better understand the principles
• Limited class size to ensure One-to-One Interactivity
• Assessment at the end of the course to help you develop a Personal Action Plan