24 – 26 MAY 2016, SINGAPORE

About The Course

This course focuses on examining the risk allocation/transfer and mitigation techniques found in the contractual frameworks applied to the successful project financing of independent power projects.


During the course you will examine the risks associated with the development and operation of independent power projects, including renewable energy projects and transmission and distribution projects and consider how these risks can be effectively allocated or transferred under the contractual framework underpinning the project. The course will also address risk mitigation techniques available for risks that cannot be allocated or transferred. Examples of risk allocation and mitigation under concession agreements, construction contracts, power purchase agreements (“PPA”), fuel supply agreements, interconnection agreements and operations & maintenance (“O&M”) agreements will be used to illustrate potential problems and practical solutions. During the course we will also identify the controls and protections typically required by project finance lenders under the financing contracts.

Learning Outcomes

  • The fundamentals of risk allocation and mitigation in independent power projects
  • Effective risk allocation and transfer under the following typical commercial contracts:
    • Concession Agreements
    • Construction Contracts
    • Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA”)
    • Fuel Supply Agreements
    • Inter-connection Agreements
    • Operations and Maintenance (“O&M”) Agreements
  • The importance of Direct Agreements as protection for the project finance lenders and the contract counter parties
  • Risk control mechanisms used by project finance lenders under the financing documentation

Who Should Attend

Participants are expected to have some limited experience of concepts and techniques in the power sector and to be seeking to improve their understanding and knowledge of the structuring of PPAs.

The course is expected to be of relevance and interest to participants from the following business sectors:

  • Power project developers
  • Lawyers
  • Bankers
  • Technical consultants
  • Construction contractors & power equipment suppliers
  • Government officers involved in power project procurement/power purchasing
  • Fuel suppliers
  • Other power service providers

Course Faculty - Jeremy Dolphin

JeremyDolphinJeremy Dolphin has over 30 years experience as a senior banker specialising in Project Finance. He was responsible for establishing the power project financing activities at Deutsche
Bank in the late 1980’s where he was responsible for the project financing of the first independent power projects in the UK. Subsequently he worked at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson as head of the project and export finance group in London and Société Générale where he led the project finance team responsible for power project financing in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Since leaving Société Générale in 2003, Jeremy has established an independent advisory firm, Project Financing Solutions Limited, which specialises in providing advice to private sector clients on structuring and raising finance for major infrastructure projects and also to Governments seeking to procure major infrastructure projects through private sector participation with a specific focus on projects in the power sector.
In these roles, Jeremy has been responsible for project finance lending and advisory mandates on over 70 independent power projects in his career with a value in excess of US$25 billion. In addition to providing advisory services, Jeremy also provides frequent training courses in project finance and power related topics and acts as an expert witness in disputes and arbitration cases involving independent power projects.

Topics Covered

  • The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Fuel Supply Agreements
  • Interconnection Agreements
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • (“O&M”) Agreements
  • Typical contractual frameworks found in independent power projects
  • Risk allocation/transfer and mitigation techniques
  • The Concession Agreement
  • The Construction Contract
This training course has a limited attendance for up to 20 participants only. Sessions commence at 9am on all days, with short intervals at 10.30am and 3.30pm respectively. Refreshments will be provided in the short intervals. Lunch will be provided at 12:30pm for 1 hour. Sessions will end at 5pm on all days.

Unique Features with powerEDGE Training

• Pre-Course Questionnaire to help us focus on your learning objectives
• Detailed Course & Reference Manual for Continuous Learning and Sharing
• Practical Exercises & Case Examples to better understand the principles
• Limited class size to ensure One-to-One Interactivity
• Assessment at the end of the course to help you develop a Personal Action Plan